ProccS is a tool for simulating occupancy profiles for private households. The tool is based on the article:
  • Wolf, S. Calì, Madsen, H. et al. (2019) Domestic Occupancy Simulation on Room-level (under review)
The application creates occupancy profiles for bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms. The profiles can be downloaded in csv-format. The underlying model is based on a inhomogeneous Markov chain. It was trained on time-use data of Danish households from 2008/2009. The tool was developed at the Techincal University of Denmark in the Dynamical Systems group (DTU DynSys). Maintainer: Sebastian Wolf (LinkedIn)


Example profile

Assumptions and limitations:

  • At every time point, each occupant is in either of the following states: (1) bedroom, (2) kitchen, (3) bathroom, (4) living room, (5) not present.
  • Occupants access only their own bedroom.
  • Each occupant moves independently.
  • Differences of occupancy for different days of the week are taken into account.
  • No holidays are considered.
  • The rooms are accessed by the household members only. No visitors are considered.
  • Currently, each household has exactly one bathroom.
  • ProccS is meant for simulating private households only. For office environments, refer to occupancy simulator developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.